M.A. Lena Berger

Research and Teaching Assistant, Social Research and Methodology Group


I joined the Social Research and Methodology Group at the University of Basel in 2011 where I have been a project assistant in the areas Health and Education. I am currently working as a research assistant in the Sustainable Corporate Responsibility Research Programme (SCORE). My interests include Sustainable Corporate Responsibility, Organizational Theory, and quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.

I completed my MA in Sociology (major) and German Literature (minor) at the University of Basel in 2014. The title of my MA thesis is “A sociological perspective on the role of large corporations: Framework and application”. I am currently pursuing a PhD in the field of Sustainable Corporate Responsibility with a focus on the link between business and society, more specifically, the role context and culture plays for the corporate responsibility expectations in different nations.





Aktuelle Publikationen

Bergman, Manfred Max Berger, Lena; Bergman, Zinette: An Empirical Exploration, Typology, and Definition of Corporate Sustainability, in: Sustainability , 2017, H. 753, S. 1-14.
Bergman, Manfred Max Berger, LenaLeisinger, Klaus; Zhang, Jiaqi; Liu, Baocheng; Bergman, Zinette: How well do Chinese corporate responsibility expectations map onto an international corporate responsibility scale? in: uwf UmweltWirtschaftsForum , 2015, H. 4, S. 191-196.

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