Dr. Seyhan Bayraktar



Seyhan Bayraktar received her PhD in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Konstanz (Germany). Her research interests lie in the politics of memory, the role of memory norms in international relations, migration politics and discourses, comparative genocide studies, political communication and discourse analysis. She did extensive research on Turkish politics, particularly with regard to the denial of the Armenian genocide from 1915. In her book “Politics and Memory. The Turkish Discourse on the Murder of the Armenians in the context of Nationalism and Europeanization” (transcript 2010) she addresses how the prospect of becoming an EU-member affected the politics of the past of Turkey and the domestic discourse. After research on the Turkish Diaspora in Germany at the “Center of Excellence – Cultural foundations of Social Integration” (University of Konstanz) she worked at the “Center for Public Sphere and Society” (University of Zurich) on the Ethnicization of politics and the 2009 Yearbook about the quality of the Swiss Media. and the “History Seminar” at the University of Zurich (Switzerland). She has taught BA and Masterlevel courses at the Department of Public Administration and Politics at the University of Konstanz and the History Seminar at the University of Zurih. Currently, she is teaching at the Sociology Seminar of the University of Basel (“The construction of the Other – identity politics and discourse in Switzerland, Turkey and Germany in comparative perspective”).